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Jefferson (Jay) Carnegy.

In 2011 we adopted this otter family. We saw them for the first time in May. I think the family was four back then. They spend a lot of time hunting fish. They eat about 70% fish. For an animal that lives at this speed they get remarkably old. I think an otter is great value for money. We spend many hours watching them, try and do that with an owl or a mountain lion, you only get a glimps now and then. Especially since the divorce I have been here over 20 hours a week. And there are seven of them now. I wonder if there are any females. Then the amily might grow even bigger. Is there anything the ECOSYTEMSTORE® can do to stop the construction of the dam they are planning here?

Spadefoot Toad

Alfredo Hernandez,

This picture I took of Spadefoot Toad. He is very round mister, like I am. Walking very slowly like Alfredo, my wife say! I am very happy he is in our lake.. The sun is burning down on him.. he don't mind. I go there with my grandson.. I say; Look Gio, run my business like the toad and even the fire of the Sun cannot bother you. He wants to go back to his car, I know.. he like the airco better than the desert.


Eryn van de Ven, boardmember of Crystaline Mining co.

On my yourneys to Africa I have seen many of it's remote treasures. In the old days I would join my father on hunting expeditions. Now the time has come to stop hunting. The ECOSYTEMSTORE® has been a relyable partner in this new chapter. Our marshlands are rich environments where especialy during the dry periods my encounters with wildlife have been even more intimate than during our hunting days. I take potential new business associates out here. They all love it, and it has helped bring about many new partnerships.