Client Testimonials


Burt Reinholtz, former CEO of Ontario Vacuum Sealing ltd.

My wife Estelle and me are grateful to the ECOSYSTEMSTORE® for they way their products have enriched our lives. After my retirement we felt the urge to get away from it all and to broaden our horizon. The dolphin pack we have acquired has not only enriched our lives; it's terrifically exciting to take friends out on the yacht and see the pack swim along its prow. With my company we supported for many years various public outreach programs but regrettably for wildlife projects return on investment is never certain. During board meetings the frustrations often became visible over the unpredictable longterm prospects of investing in endangered species programs. As clients we'd need strict assurances in terms of setting and meeting success rates. The last thing you want is to publicly commit to a species that subsequently goes extinct. We need that feel-good factor. The dealmakers at the ECOSYSTEMSTORE® have selected some solid products that we feel confident about.


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin loves wild tigers, which can still be found in pockets in the wild of Siberia and the Russian Far East. The Russian president received a tiger cub through the ECOSYSTEMSTORE® for his 56th birthday, and he’s been helping wildlife scientists track and tag wild tigers. The animals need all the help they can get, experts estimate there are little more than 3,000 tigers living outside captivity now, down from more than 100,000 a century ago. Mr Putin has generously launched a five-day international conference in St. Petersburg on tiger conservation, where environmental advocates, scientists and donors (including World Bank president Robert Zoellick) debated ways to arrest the rapid decline in tiger numbers, and hopefully put the animal on a road to recovery.

All of us at ECOSYSTEMSTORE® are grateful to Mr Putin and his staff for advocating the excellent products we offer. We hope these collaborations may open many new join projects in the future for the benefit of Russian wildlife and it's endangered species.

tagged bird

Ricky Hayward

When my dad got involved with the oil spill, we only saw him on tv. He wasn't home for weeks. I saw all the birds on tv too trapped in the oil. After he resigned he gave me some birds from the ECOSYTEMSTORE®. I chose the biggest ones. Now I get to tag them myself with Nigel. He's a parkranger. They gave me a free Camelion, because we bought so many birds, but he's in Guatemala and I don't know where that is..

I care

My lost friend is back.

Thanks ECOSYTEMSTORE® for finding back my Kangaroo! I was so sad when it got lost after the bush fires! Its strange, the white spot on her tail is now gone. - Love Cynthia

Cynthia Botha


Nearly at the breeding grounds.

Hi everyone we're on our way to see our Gannet population on Vestmannaey Jar near Iceland. We just passed the Faroe. Reparing some storm damage. Nothing too serious.. so don't worry folks we're doing fine out here on the waves! Current position: Lat 62.505123 | Lon -10.505371

Niklas F. Omnedder


We call her Veronica

Dear staff, meeting our whale for the first time was beyond all our dreams. I whish I could express what she means to us now, especially after losing Sidney our dog. We have decided to name her Veronica. This picture was taken by a coast guard from the other boat.

Ann Washington