Gone are the days of protest and activism. At the ECOSYSTEMSTORE® we enter a new era of environmentalism based on PPP; Property, Profits and Protection. The species in your portfolio are protected in their natural habitats by our local staff and legal teams. Property is our most powerful bond to the world. Through Neo Conservation the ECOSYSTEMSTORE® offers a secure home to all these creatures.

The Ecosystem outlet® provides a rich selection of items that are protected in situ and cannot be transported elsewhere. Our services no longer include species for conservation programs at a clients residence. Our services do not include direct physical contact with species unless stated otherwise. However, our clients are encouraged to visit landscapes, habitats and species within their portfolio exclusively through our Expedition services. We strongly deny any allegations pertaining to lethal accidents including customers in former domestic ECOSYSTEMSTORE® programs.


Black and White collecion

Black'n White® Collection

Yin and Yan are the two opposing forces that keep balance in nature. This Species Collection® focusses on animals with a strong spiritual force and black and white colors.

Patriots collecion

Patriots® Collection

A Species Collection® which brings together some of the most iconic American megafauna as a special offer to our US customers in the ECOSYSTEMSTORE®.

Habitat Outlet®

Black and White collecion

Hoh rainforest

Special offer of temperate rainforest. No local staff included.

Patriots collecion

Lithuanian Dunes

Neringa region offer, includes a free forester with every 24 Ha.